Pearl Millet (Bajra) (Penisetum americanum)

Biogene – 66

Early maturity (80-85 days), High number of tillers (5-8), Stem base green, non-hairy nodes, Long conical shape thick compact panicles, very uniform attractive crop, foliage light green and stay green character after harvest, Gray bolder seeds, High resistance to downey mildew diseases, Dual purpose (Grains and fodder) with high grain yield. Best for kharif and summer cultivation.

Biogene – 33+

Early maturity (85-90 days), high productive tillers (5-8), Long thick compact panicles, high uniformity crop, Dark green foliage remaining green after harvest, Yellowish gray bolder seed, high resistance to Downey mildew diseases, High fodder yield, High grain yield.

Biogene – 77

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